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Apostille services are one of the most demanded services in India because of the huge number of individuals going to foreign nations for Employment, Trade, and Higher Education.


An Apostille document means – it is a term for legitimate check or validation. Apostille is meant to confirm the signatures and seals of authorities on public documents and reports. These documents are accepted in all countries who are individuals from the Hague Convention. India has been a part of the Hague Convention from 2005. It is accepted in almost 117 nations of the Convention.


According to the Convention, any Apostilled document in any part nation is acceptable in the 116 other members of the nations. Because of this, the process of verification is simple. The apostille guarantees that documents given by one signatory nation will be taken as acceptable in another signatory nation. For all the documents that have begun in India, apostille verification is completed by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).


Procurement of Apostille:

To decrease the significant requirement for the legalization of the public documents, India entered into the Hague Convention. The following is the normal procedure that follows:


Stage 1: Document Authentication 


Assigned authorities of State/Union Territory need to confirm the certificates or documents requiring the MEA for giving the Apostille. Ordinarily, MEA issues the Apostille just when the experts of State/Union Territory authenticated documents specific perspectives.


Stage 2: Legalization of Certificates


Just when the assigned authorities in the State Government or Union Territory have verified the documents with seal/stamp and sign then The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) would validate or legitimize or attest the verified documents. MEA would authorize documents or certificates on Basis of the signature of experts who are assigned. The Primary reason is that MEA doesn’t assume any responsibility for the data present in each assigned document.


How can Worldwide Transcripts help in obtaining Apostille?


Worldwide Transcripts was founded to help individuals get important documents readily for their use. Our company has a group of professionals who can gather all kinds of documentation for an individual, having an adequate hands-on experience in presumed industries.


Worldwide Transcripts is a premier authentication agency for Attestation and Apostille in India. We offer proficient types of assistance for Attestation, Apostille, and Embassy Legalization on your Personal, Educational, and Commercial reports through our committed services by our team members. We offer effective, quick, and solid support of our customers, which is genuinely unmatched by others.


Our process to follow for the Apostille Certificate:

  • The person who needs an Apostille should share the documents that have to be apostilled along with other relevant details needed by our team.
  • Once the documents are shared, we share a quote of the amount to be paid for the process to be done.
  • Once the quote is accepted the process begins. These documents can be either given by hand or couriered to a said address. 
  • The Apostille will be ready in 3-10 working days post receiving the courier. 
  • The Apostille certificates can be delivered to the applicant’s address by courier both nationally and internationally.

We have developed our reputation for giving proficient and quality support to the entirety of our customers. We want to let our work justify itself and that is the way we have fabricated our reputation throughout the term. Being a client-driven association, we endeavour to offer the best types of assistance to our clients. We endeavour to keep similarly offering our types of assistance and build never-ending bonds with our customers.



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