Most frequent questions and answers

Transcripts is term used for Marks Memo used for immigration purpose. This Marks Memo is provided in sealed envelope by universities to be shipped to ECA bodies.

Yes, have to send Photo copy of degree in separate envelope, if your university does not keep in the transcript envelope.

You can request it by dropping an email on [email protected] Rest team will guide you.

Anywhere from 15 days to 60 days depending on university processes.

Yes, you can request & mention it to BD team on email before placing the order.

Generally once you order us, we pick up & ship it to your desired address.

We accept USD, INR Currency. Debit card, Credit card, Internet Banking, and wallet payments, Paytm , Google Pay , Paypal all are accepted.

We will try to provide POD which you can track, if the university has send directly they may or may not provide POD, in that case we need to wait for 15-25 days for the receival of the same.

Send an email & provide some information like : Your college and university name, year of graduation, branch and any other relevant information. We’ll try to establish a process with your institute to get your transcripts for you.

Source and recipient institutions have strict document requirements to issue transcripts. Applicants often send us documents which are either photos, blurred unreadable copies of the original, truncated documents with one of the edges and/or content missing, the scanned document is too small as compared with the original. University Seal is truncated or missing. Dark/light/shiny patches and shadow on the documents.
Any of the above documents are not fit to issue transcripts and often leads to rejection and thus wastage of your valuable time and money. To avoid this, we request you to send clear scan copies of the documents.

Often degree certificate and university issued mark-sheets for some institutes are oversized and don’t fit our normal home scanners. We advise you to take them to a business center like FedEx/UPS stores or use a commercial scanner with document reducers. Take clear copies of the documents and send them to us.

Yes, you need to specify in advance with the complete address on email during booking.

Yes, we do! You need to intimate in advance Just specify the number of sets you want us to ship at each location and we will ship it to that address.

We advise everyone to ideally order 3 sets for back-up. You may get these shipped to your home address in India, using our free shipping to 1 Indian address.

If you are entering international recipient address, we will advise you to ship it to the institutes like WES/ university directly, to avoid package being rendered useless, if inspected by customs. And hence wasting your valuable time and money.

Transcripts will be issued by the university your college was affiliated to.

These days it is important to fill the above ECA body form, as many institutes keep this form in the envelope with transcripts.

Our Support group takes 2 working days to review your application and prepare the application package to be submitted to the university. University might take 3-7 working days to review, validate your documents and give us an expected date, when your application will be ready.

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